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Hillary Clinton’s daughter accidentally called Bernie Sanders, her mom’s rival in the Democratic race for the White House, “President Sanders.”

Chelsea Clinton was campaigning for her mom in Minnesota Wednesday when she told a rally crowd that the U.S. needs to strip away legal immunity for gun manufacturers — protection “President Sanders” once voted for.

Student suspended after she says she recorded video of teacher bullying student.

A Samuel Gaines Academy student was suspended this week after she says she was trying to defend a classmate.

Brianna Cooper, 11, says she took an audio recording in class of what she says depicted her teacher bullying a student.

Sarah Palin's forthcoming book on the commercialisation of Christmas... may well be out in time for, er, Christmas

Donald Trump tried to praise the heroes of 9/11 at a Buffalo rally Monday — but botched the compliment by saying cops and firefighters responded on “7-Eleven.”

“It’s very close to my heart,” Trump told the huge rally.

President-elect Donald Trump unveiled plans Monday for his first 100 days in office, including proposals related to immigration, trade deals and defense policy, using a video published online to briefly outline his proposals.

Trump promised to withdraw from negotiations on the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal, cancel environmental restrictions put in place by President Barack Obama, ask his national security team to buttress against infrastructure attacks, have the Labor Department investigate federal worker visas and impose broad new bans on lobbying by government employees.

For Abdelrahman al-Azy the task was brutal but the justifications were simple. As a member of ISIS, he must follow the instructions of his local emir or commander. The order: to help kill a man in cold blood.

As directed, al-Azy drove a fellow ISIS militant to the home of a SWAT member, an elite unit of the Iraqi Counter-Terrorism Service.

    The 23-year-old sat in the car as his co-conspirator stepped out of the vehicle, then shot and killed their victim.

    At the time, al-Azy says he felt proud of the murder, but now sitting in handcuffs, he told CNN he regrets his actions and believes they were wrong.

    Al-Azy is one of three men who spoke to CNN exclusively from inside a Kurdish-run prison at an undisclosed location in northern Iraq.

    Apple Inc. is the world’s most valuable company and has a massive cash stash, but some analysts fear a prolonged period of weak innovation has set the company up for a “decade-long malaise.”


    iPhone sales are expected to peak with the release of Apple’s 10th anniversary iPhone next year, according to models from Oppenheimer analyst Andrew Uerkwitz, who predicts 245 million iPhones will sell in Apple’s 2018 fiscal year. That would reflect an increase of 9% from the fiscal 2017 FactSet consensus estimate of 225 million, and an increase of more than 15% from the fiscal year that ended in October.